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The last year’s import trade of Peru worth of US $38.2 Billion Dollars made it the 55th largest importing country in the world. Peruvian import trade is gaining success and growing gradually. There are lots of fastest-growing imports of Peru and some of them are Tin (increased by 452.6%), other animal-origin products (up by 111.4%), Fish (enhanced by 101.7%), Silk (Up by 815) and many more.

Peru trade data

According to the Peru imports data of 2016, China is the largest import trading partner of Peru. It is the biggest source of different types of mineral ores for Peru traders. The imports of copper ore from China to Peru are represented around 49% of total Peru imports. The other major items that Peru buys from China in the large number are Animal meal & pellets, (12%), Refined Copper (11%), Zinc ore (6.4%), Lead ore (5.2%), Iron ore (4.5%), precious metal ore (3.9%) and so on.

The second largest import trading partner of Peru is the United States of America which covers 20% of the total yearly imports of Peru. The USA majorly ships, Gold, Coffee, Grapes, Refined Petroleum, Calcium Phosphates, Raw Zinc, Tropical fruits, Silver, Knit T-shirts, Copper Bars, other processed vegetables, Citrus, and fish fillets etc.

The third largest import source country of Peru is Brazil. A large number buses Brazil exports to Peru every year and covers 4.8% of total Brazilian exports. With the view of Peru imports data, the second largest items that Brazil ships to Peru are tractors (4.7%), Delivery trucks (4.6%), large construction vehicles (4.5%), Uncoated paper (3.5%), Propylene Polymers and many more. The other major Peru import source countries are India, Thailand, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam etc.

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