List of top 15 exporting countries of onions

Around 30% of Onion export business is originated from European Union regions, 22.4% shipped to the traders of North America, while 8.4% of Onions were delivered to African traders and 3.7% of onions were exported to Latin America excluding Mexico etc. With the support of Onion export data, we can assume that US $3.1 billion Dollars’ worth of onions was exported from one country to another in the year 2016. The data helps in determining the recent trade move of top exporting countries of Onion, number and net weight of onions exported, custom duty and GST tax applied on their exported onions, seller’s name & contact details etc.

What are the top 15 Onion exporters in the world

What are the top 15 Onion exporters in the world?

Here is a list of top 15 exporting countries of onions, entire sum of exported onions and complete exports of onions in percentage.

Top 15 exporting countries of Onion
Worth of exported items (US Dollars)
Total Exports in percentage
US$492.8 million
(15.8% of total onions exports)
$456.7 million
$419.7 million
$382.4 million
United States
$229.4 million
$197.8 million
$152.7 million
$91.6 million
New Zealand
$81.7 million
$70 million
$43.6 million
$42.7 million
$41.6 million
$40.7 million
$33.3 million

The above listed top 15 exporters of Onion shipped 89.3% of global exports of onions in 2016. With reference to the above table and last year’s Onion export data, it is certainly noticeable that the Netherlands is the largest exporting nation of onions. It majorly exports onions to United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium-Luxembourg, Senegal, Brazil, Italy, Malaysia, Russia and many more. And Belgium is the smallest consumer of Onion in the above list of top exporters.

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