What are the Different Types of Fuel that Ukraine Majorly Imports?

The top 10 imports of Ukraine accounted for around 67.5% of the total purchases of its products from different part of the globe. But since 2009, the total value of its imports has been decreased by 54.6%. Ukraine yearly imports cover 0.2% of the global import trade which summed $16.583 trillion in the year 2015. With the reference of recent import data in Ukraine, we can make a fair calculation of its total import trading partners. In 2015, approximately 71% of Ukraine imports business came from European Union, 20.6% of business purchased from Asian region and 1.6% of goods originated from countries of Latin American region and African countries (excluding Mexico).

Ukraine Majorly Imports

What are the Different Types of Fuel that Ukraine Majorly Imports throughout a Year with the Reference of Import Data in Ukraine?

There are lots of different types of mineral fuels that Ukraine buys in the largest number of quantity from different regions of the country throughout a year.

Types of mineral fuels
Total worth in US dollars
Fluctuation rates of imports
Petroleum gases
US$4.7 billion
(Decreasedby -66.9%)
Processed petroleum oils
$3.8 billion
(Decreasedby -45.2%)
Coal, solid fuels made from coal
$1.6 billion
(Decreasedby -40.9%)
Coke, semi-coke
$392.3 million
(Increased by 547.8%)
Electrical energy
$84.8 million
(Increased by 6,304%)
Crude oil
$82.1 million
(Decreased by -98.1%)
Coal tar oils (high temperature distillation)
$76 million
(Increased by 64.3%)

Petroleum oil residues
$64.1 million
(Decreased by -59.1%)
Petroleum jelly, mineral waxes
$10 million
(Decreased by -47.9%)
Asphalt/petroleum bitumen mixes
$4.2 million
(Decreased by -48.9%

According to the above table and recent import data in Ukraine, Petroleum gases is one such type mineral fuels which in very high demand in Ukraine. It is easily visible that only 3 types of mineral fuels including coke & semi coke, electrical energy and coal tar oils are increased their value between 2011 and 2015.

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