Latest statistics of the European Union’s total imports

In the past years, the European Union (EU) brought products worth of US $5.215 Trillion dollars from different parts of the globe included China, Netherlands, United States, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Poland, Spain and Russia etc. This rapidly increased rate of European Union imports makes its one of the leading importer country in the world.

European Union’s total imports

After throwing lights on the recent import data in European Union, we can see that around 13.9% of total European Union’s imports were purchased from Germany, 8.3% from China, 6.7% were brought from Netherlands, 5.7% from the United States and France each, approximately 4.6$% came from Belgium, Italy helped to gain 4.5% of imports, United Kingdom (3.8%), 3.2% of European Union’s imports were purchased from Spain, 2.9% from Russia and 2.8% from Poland.

With the reference of import data in European Union 2018, the top 10 major imports of the European Union were Machinery (worth of $US 614.2 Billion Dollars), Oil ($567.1B), Electronic Equipment ($552.7 Billion Dollars), Vehicles ($ 503.4B), Pharmacy ( US $244.2 Billion Dollars), Plastics ($201.8B),Medical & technical equipment ( US $4157.8B), Organic Chemicals worth of $156.5 Billion Dollars, Iron & Steel ($124.2B) and Aircraft & spacecraft ( US $97.1 Billion Dollars).

Finding the latest statistics of the European Union’s total imports is very important task to do to gain profits and to expand business globally. This import data of European Union contains very relevant information including name &description of the EU’s imported commodities, importer’s name & address, exporter’s name & address, pricing & quantity of products imported in the European Union, EU import’s port, Unit & currency, Source country& port, destination port of the European Union, custom duty & applicable GST (Goods & service tax) rate etc.

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