Most recent report of export data India

India is the second largest exporter of cotton and rice after China. A wide variety and quantity of items India exports to diverse regions of the globe. According a most recent report of export data India, China is the largest buyers of Indian Cotton and rice, followed by Australia, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Greece, Pakistan, Mali, Burkina Faso and Ivory etc.

report of export data India

India’s rice exports

There are lots of countries in the world which buys rice form India in very large number of quantity on yearly basis. Saudi Arabia ranks first in the list of top importers of Indian rice (accounted for 16%). The second position is hold by Iran (11%), followed by United Arab Emirates (8.6%), Iraq (6.1%), Kuwait (4.2%), Senegal (3.5%), Benin (3.2%), Nepal (3.0%), Bangladesh (2.7%), the United States of America (2.7%) and many more.

India’s cotton exports

In 2015, India exported worth of US 41.71 Billion Dollars to top countries in the world including Bangladesh which accounted for 40 percent. The second largest exporter of Indian cotton is China (19%), Pakistan (18%), Vietnam (11%), Indonesia (3.5%), Thailand (1.3%), other Asian region (1.9% and turkey (0.85%) etc. With the reference of export data India, we came to know that China and India are the largest producer and exporter of cotton and cotton-made products. China exported the largest amount of cotton worth of US$ 15 billion accounting for approximately twenty nine percent of the entire cotton market share.

With the help of supplier’s data, you can be familiar with the products that are in high demands. It becomes easy to know the name of the product that has been exported, its market value (price), and number of quantity, unit, business details of exports and importers (Name, address and phone numbers) and applied GST (Goods and service tax) rate.

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