Indian HS code- 98 chapters of it contain

The HS classification that the company maintains helps to assign items to particular sections and after the process, it categorizes the items to their specific sub sections and title.

Indian HS code- 98 chapters of it contain

The HS classification structure is concerned with every product that goes around globally that is every nation worldwide. Motivated by the utmost upgraded existing data, today the companies come up with a viable system of HS Classification for import and export trade including the shipping record for analyzing purpose. Being engaged in export and import trading, it becomes very hard for business enterprises to discover the accurate and significant data about both the export and import businesses in India. The Harmonized System classification plays an integral role related to it. The 98 chapters of it contain the list of the Indian HS code.

A glimpse of the chapter titles are as follows: 
  1. Miscellaneous products suitable for eating.
  2. Tobacco and its products and its substitutes.
  3. Vinegar, drinks and spirits.
  4. Inorganic chemicals.
  5. Mineral oils, mineral fuels, mineral waxes and other products related to it.
  6. Organic chemicals.
  7. Pharmacy products.
  8. Fertilizers.
  9. Cosmetic products like aromatic oils, perfumes, etc.
  10. Plastics and its products.
  11. Rubber and its products.
  12. Silk, cotton and other fabrics including wool and many others. 
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