Indian Export Import – Records the names of the exporters

India's exports are chiefly based on industrial raw materials mineral ores, and most importantly foods grains. Not only this, the country is also counted in the list of the largest exporters of information technology and computer software linked services to European and Western countries. The exports are basically accounted for in US Dollars as it is broadly for foreign exchange deals by most nations. Indian export import is a database of all the exports that have gone the country during a single month or quarter.

Records the names of the exporters

The data is arranged by custom officials right away from invoices, exporter's product manifesto and bill of lading among others. It contains helpful information such as list of items exported, name of the exporters, phone numbers, company addresses, e-mail and website information.

During the time period of 2004 to 2006, no one has records the names of the exporters. The data is ready according to the Indian customs department notice to give such information for the profit of local suppliers. It also holds the description of the product in global classification, importer name, contact information and country.

With the port of destination information local traders can recognize foreign markets where there is insist for their products. It is an outstanding source to locate local company or suppliers of good quality products. As all the products are to be checked as well as verified by customs officials before they are allowed for export, there is no negotiation on the quality. The data is collected based on data offered from different Indian sea ports such as JNPT, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Vizag among others. 

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