Import export data- helps to collect each & every shipping detail

Indian import export data is generally made up of products like mineral ores along with food grains and raw materials. Reportedly, India as a country is looked upon as the largest exporter of computer software as well as information technology products being shipped over to eastern and western countries. As such, the exports are generally accounted for in US dollars and form the medium for foreign exchange in India and other countries. Thus, Indian import export datais a large database of each and every type of exports which take place in the country within a particular quarter of a financial year.

collect each & every shipping detail

Facilitated imports and exports

It is the duty of the custom officials to prepare the list of data and generally procured from a large number of invoices, exporter’s product manifesto, bill of lading and other such related items.  Additionally, it also contains a huge chunk of useful data like names of the exporters, along with their contact numbers and addresses and their website details if available. The practice has established after the year 2006 when the Indian customs department took a major step in setting up a comprehensive database for both input ad export operations. Not only has this step facilitated importers and exports at large, but it has also paved the way smooth for new and emerging traders to plan their business strategy to become successful. They have also helped in:
  • Local traders easily identify potential foreign markets where the demand for the product is heavy.
  • To locate suppliers and manufacturers who offer high quality products.
All such products are then officially identified keeping in terms with the trends set forth by import export data before it hits the market for the consumers at large. Being verified by the custom officials, the quality of the product is also checked thoroughly.

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